The Kevin Prater Band

Straight from the hills of Appalachia, The Kevin Prater Band delivers their unique "coal-fired pure Kentucky bluegrass" sound, as well as classic country, "grassed up" vintage rock, bluegrass gospel, and original songs to loyal fans throughout the world.

The band features Kevin Prater (mandolin), Jake Burrows (banjo and dobro), Gary Isenhour (guitar), Mallory Hindman (fiddle), and Jacob Northern (bass).  Each member contributes to the band's unique vocals.  From his start as one of the best sidemen in bluegrass, Kevin has led his namesake band for the past 15 years, and together they forge that timeless, pure Kentucky sound.

Kennedy's Kitchen

Photo by Bill Langdon

"Irish Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart"

Kennedy's Kitchen is a mix of all things Irish from traditional, sean-nos, to pub songs and sing-a-longs.  Family and friends, gathering on Thursday evenings for dinner, laughter and music since 1998,  Rooted in traditional Irish Music, jigs, reels, hornpipes, recitations, stories, songs… and adding our own compositions along the way.  Voices raised in song with rich harmonies, along with fiddle, flute, whistle, mandolin, tenor banjo, bouzouki, guitar, and bass.

Lone Piñon

Photo by Seth Jacob

Lone Piñon is a New Mexican string band, or “orquesta típica”, whose music celebrates the integrity and diversity of their region's cultural roots. With fiddles, upright bass, guitars, accordions, vihuela, and bilingual vocals, they play a wide spectrum of the traditional music that is at home in New Mexico.

Jesse Lége & Friends

Jesse will be joined by Cameron Fontenot on fiddle, and Mark Latiolais on guitar.

One dance hall at a time...That is the life work of Jesse Lége: to bring traditional, foot-stompin’ Cajun dance hall music from the dusty back roads of southwest Louisiana, coast to coast and around the world.

Jesse Lége defines traditional Louisiana dance hall music. His unmistakeable hard driving style of accordion play and his powerful voice will get even the most staid listener up on the dance floor. Whether he is performing with Bayou Brew or his many friends, Jesse can crank up any old tune to something new and very different than you have ever heard before.

Chirps Smith, Fred Campeau & Steve Rosen

Lynn "Chirps" Smith was born and raised in downstate Illinois.  As a young man, he played with the Indian Creek Delta Boys and learned fiddle tunes directly from old-timers, including Harvey "Pappy" Taylor and Noah Beavers.  Chirps became a regular player at Chicago Barn Dance Company's dances after moving to the city in 1978.  He will be joined by Fred Campeau (fiddle, banjo, guitar, slide guitar, ukulele, and vocals) and Steve Rosen (banjo, fiddle, guitar, and vocals).

Tail Dragger and the All-Stars

Born in Arkansas, James Yancy Jones is a long-time disciple of Howlin' Wolf, who gave him the "Tail Dragger" moniker in honor of his now classic song.  The Tail Dragger filled in on Wolf's breaks, and soon he was playing his own blues gigs on Chicago's west and south sides.  He will be joined by his All-Star band, including Billy Flynn, Frank Krakowski, Martin Lang, Tom Morris (AKA Illinois Slim), and Dean Haas.

Perizat Kopobaeva

Perizat Kopobaeva is a musician originally from the Kyrgyz Republic who plays a stringed instrument called the komuz, which is considered the national instrument of Kyrgyzstan.  Generally made from a single piece of wood (usually apricot or juniper), the komuz has three strings traditionally made out of gut, and often from fishing line in modern times. Virtuosos such as Kopobaeva frequently play the komuz in a variety of different positions – over the shoulder, between the knees, and upside down.